New South Wales Champions
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Metropolitan League
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up
1947 Concord 8:4 Auburn Concord
Metropolitan League became State League Division Two
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers  Runners-Up
1948 Auburn 4:1 Cardiff Cardiff Bellbird North
1948 Auburn NSW Police South
State League Division Two became Southern League 
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up
1949 No Finals Series Bankstown Auburn
1950 Balgownie Rangers 2:1 NSW Police Balgownie Rangers North Shore
1951 Cumberland 2:1 North Shore Cumberland Balgownie Rangers
1952 Sydney Austral 5:1 NSW Police Sydney Austral NSW Police
1953 NSW Police 1:1   2:1 Lane Cove Lane Cove St George
1954 Sydney Austral 2:0 Hakoah Sydney Austral Hakoah
1955 Prague 4:3 Sydney Austral Prague  Sydney Austral Section A
1955 Manly Warringah  Europa Section B
1956 Hakoah 3:2 Guildford Hakoah Manly Warringah
Sydney Federation Division Two
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
1957 Villawood 3:2 Camperdown Villawood Camperdown Corinthians
1958 Budapest 4:0 Pan-Hellenic Budapest (East Division) Julia White Eagles
Pan-Hellenic (West Division) Polonia Fairfield
1959 No Finals Series Neerlandia Pan-Hellenic St. George
1960 Polonia 2:1 Pan-Hellenic Pan-Hellenic Polonia St. George
1961 Balgownie Rangers 3:1 Granville AEK Yugal Granville AEK Balgownie Rangers
1962 Corinthian BESC 3:1 Croatia Croatia Balgownie Rangers Sydney Austral
1963 Polonia North Side 1:0 Corinthian BESC Corinthian BESC Polonia North Side Balgownie Rangers
1964 Polonia North Side 2:1 Wollongong Olympic Polonia North Side Granville AEK Wollongong Olympic
1965 Corinthian BESC 4:1 Granville AEK Corinthian BESC Granville AEK Canterbury Marrickville
1966 Polonia North Side 4:3  aet Canterbury Marrickville Polonia North Side Canterbury Marrickville Melita Eagles
1967 Bankstown 1:0 Sutherland Shire Manly Warringah Granville AEK Bankstown
1968 Auburn 3:0 Western Suburbs Auburn Western Suburbs Bankstown
1969 Bankstown 3:2 Western Suburbs Marconi Fairfield Bankstown Western Suburbs
1970 No Finals Series Western Suburbs Sutherland Shire Manly Warringah
1971 No Finals Series Sutherland Shire Granville AEK Melita Eagles
1972 No Finals Series Granville Parramatta Canterbury Marrickville Melita Eagles-Newtown
1973 No Finals Series Canterbury Marrickville Balgownie Rangers Rosebery Rhodes
1974 Manly Warringah 1:0 Balgownie Rangers Granville Parramatta Balgownie Rangers Manly Warringah
1975 Bankstown 2:1 Arncliffe Scots Manly Warringah Arncliffe Scots Bankstown
1976 No Finals Series Riverside Avala Yugal Prague Bankstown
1977 Revesby Workers Ku-Ring-Gai Melita Eagles Toongabbie Revesby Workers
1978 Polonia North Side 3:0 Ku-Ring-Gai Ku-Ring-Gai Revesby Workers Blacktown United
Division Two became Division One
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
1979 North Sydney Inter 1:0 St. George-Budapest St. George-Budapest North Sydney Inter Wollongong United
1980 Wollongong United 3:2 St. George-Budapest Marconi Fairfield Polonia St. George-Budapest
1981 Fairy Meadow 1:0 Ku-Ring-Gai SSC Yugal Ku-Ring-Gai Fairy Meadow
1982 Fairy Meadow 2:0 Blacktown United Ku-Ring-Gai Blacktown United Fairy Meadow
Division One became Division Two
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
1983 Warringah Narrabeen 3:2  aet Gladesville Ravens Rockdale Ilinden Warringah Narrabeen Gladesville Ravens
1984 Wollongong Macedonia 2:0 Bathurst 75 Fairy Meadow Wollongong Macedonia Bathurst 75
1985 Gladesville-Hornsby 2:1 Queens Park Eastern Suburbs Wollongong Macedonia Gladesville-Hornsby Queens Park Eastern Suburbs
1986 Gladesville-Hornsby 1:0 North Bankstown SSC Yugal Gladesville-Hornsby North Bankstown
1987 Kingsford Hellenic 2:1 Polonia Polonia Fairy Meadow North Bankstown
1988 Avala 4:2 Sydney Macedonia Avala Fairy Meadow Sydney Macedonia
1989 No Finals Series Sydney Macedonia North Shore United Fairy Meadow
1990 Dulwich Hill 2:0 Southern Districts Southern Districts Dulwich Hill Fairfield City
1991 Dulwich Hill 4:0 Waverley Waverley Dulwich Hill Petersham Luisitanos
Division Two became State League Division One
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
1992 Cyprus United 3:1 Central Coast Cyprus United Auburn United Central Coast
1993 Belmore Hercules 1:1  aet  6:5  pens Mount Druitt Town Rangers Mount Druitt Town Rangers Auburn United Belmore Hercules
1994 Macarthur Rams 1:0 Wollongong United Macarthur Rams Wollongong United Central Coast
1995 Central Coast 4:2 Belmore Hercules Belmore Hercules Central Coast Ryde City
1996 Sydney Cosmos 1:0 Ryde City Sydney Cosmos Belmore Hercules Ryde City
1997 Stanmore Hawks 1:0 Eastern Suburbs Hurstville City Minotaurs Ryde City Eastern Suburbs
1998 Fairfield Bulls 9:8 Hurstville City Minotaurs Fairfield Bulls Hurstville City Minotaurs Stanmore Hawks
1999 Penrith Panthers 2:1 Manly Warringah Dolphins Manly Warringah Dolphins St George Saints Stanmore Hawks
2000 Dulwich Hill 2:0 Hajduk Wanderers Dulwich Hill Hajduk Wanderers Fraser Park
State League Division One became Winter Super League
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
2001 Manly Warringah Dolphins 1:0 Bankstown City  Bankstown City  Fairfield Bulls Manly Warringah Dolphins
2002 Rockdale City Suns 1:0 Hajduk Wanderers Rockdale City Suns Manly Warringah Dolphins Hajduk Wanderers
2003 Sydney Crescent Stars 3:2 Fraser Park Dragons Sydney Crescent Stars Fraser Park Dragons Sutherland Sharks
2004 Stanmore Hawks 2:1 Manly Warringah Dolphins Manly Warringah Dolphins Stanmore Hawks Sydney University
2005 Canterbury Marrickville Olympic 1:0 FC Bossy Liverpool FC Bossy Liverpool Canterbury Marrickville Olympic Dulwich Hill
2006 Rockdale City Suns 1:0 Penrith Nepean United Rockdale City Suns Penrith Nepean United Fairfield City 
2007 Bonnyrigg White Eagles 2:0 Northern Tigers Northern Tigers Bonnyrigg White Eagles PCYC Parramatta
2008 Liverpool Bossy 2:1 PCYC Parramatta Bonnyrigg White Eagles PCYC Parramatta Liverpool Bossy
2009 Spirit FC 1:1  8:7 pens PCYC Parramatta Rockdale City Suns PCYC Parramatta Spirit FC
2010 Northern Tigers 4:0 St George FC Parramatta Eagles Northern Tigers St George FC
2011 Blacktown Spartans 3:0 West Sydney Berries Blacktown Spartans West Sydney Berries St George FC
2012 Northern Tigers 1:1  4:3 pens Bankstown Berries Northern Tigers Bankstown City  Bankstown Berries
Super League became National Premier League Two
Year Grand Final Winners Score Losing Finalists Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
2013 St George FC 3:1 Mounties Wanderers St George FC Macarthur Rams Mounties Wanderers
2014 Macarthur Rams 2:1 Parramatta FC Parramatta FC Central Coast Mariners Academy Macarthur Rams
2015 Northern Tigers 2:1 Bankstown City Spirit FC Hakoah Sydney City East Northern Tigers
2016 Sydney FC 4:1 Western Sydney Wanderers Sydney FC Western Sydney Wanderers Bankstown City
2017 Marconi Stallions 5:1 Mount Druitt Town Rangers Marconi Stallions St George FC Mount Druitt Town Rangers
2018 St George FC 3:3   4:3 pens Mounties Wanderers Mount Druitt Town Rangers St George FC North Shore Mariners
2019 Hills United 6:3 North Shore Mariners North Shore Mariners Hills United Bonnyrigg White Eagles
2020 Central Coast Mariners Academy 6:2  aet Northern Tigers Central Coast Mariners Academy NWS Spirit FC Northern Tigers
Number of Grand Final wins since 1957 (Previous names in brackets) Number of Premiership wins since 1957 (Previous names in brackets)
5 Polonia (Polonia North Side) 4 Manly Warringah (Manly Warringah Dolphins)
3 Bankstown 4 Rockdale Ilinden
3 Dulwich Hill 3 Marconi Stallions (Marconi Fairfield)
3 Northern Tigers 3 Parramatta FC (Melita Eagles, Parramatta Eagles)
2 Corinthian BESC 3 Polonia (Polonia North Side)
2 Fairy Meadow 3 SSC Yugal (Yugal)
2 Gladesville-Hornsby 2 Bonnyrigg White Eagles (Avala)
2 Macarthur Rams 2 Corinthian BESC
2 Manly Warringah (Manly Warringah Dolphins) 2 Granville Parramatta
2 Rockdale City Suns 2 Ku-Ring-Gai
2 St George FC 2 Mount Druitt Town Rangers
2 Stanmore Hawks 2 Northern Tigers
2 Wollongong United (Wollongong Macedonia) 2 St. George FC (St George-Budapest)
1 Auburn 1 Auburn
1 Avala 1 Bankstown City 
1 Balgownie Rangers 1 Belmore Hercules
1 Belmore Hercules 1 Blacktown Spartans
1 Blacktown Spartans 1 Budapest 
1 Bonnyrigg White Eagles 1 Canterbury Marrickville
1 Budapest 1 Central Coast Mariners Academy
1 Canterbury Marrickville Olympic 1 Croatia
1 Central Coast 1 Cyprus United
1 Central Coast Mariners Academy 1 Dulwich Hill
1 Cyprus United 1 Fairfield Bulls
1 Fairfield Bulls 1 Fairy Meadow
1 Hills United 1 FC Bossy Liverpool
1 Kingsford Hellenic 1 Hurstville City Minotaurs
1 Liverpool Bossy 1 Macarthur Rams
1 Marconi Stallions 1 Neerlandia
1 North Sydney Inter 1 North Shore Mariners
1 Penrith Panthers 1 Pan-Hellenic
1 Revesby Workers 1 Pan-Hellenic 
1 Spirit FC 1 Riverside Avala
1 Sydney Cosmos 1 Southern Districts
1 Sydney Crescent Stars 1 Spirit FC
1 Sydney FC 1 St. George-Budapest
1 Villawood 1 Sutherland Shire
1 Warringah Narrabeen 1 Sydney Cosmos
1 Sydney Crescent Stars
Seven seasons had no Finals Series 1 Sydney FC
1 Sydney Macedonia
1 Villawood
1 Waverley
1 Western Suburbs
1 Wollongong Macedonia
Note 1958 had two premiers as the division was played in East and West leagues
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