Queensland (Brisbane Zone) Champions
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Brisbane Capital League Division One
Division Two
Year Premiers Runners Up Third Placed
1916 No competition due to WW1
1918 No competition due to WW1
1919 Pineapple Rovers St Barnabas 1:1  Forfeit Pineapple Rovers St Barnabas
1920 Wynnum
1921 Blackstone Rovers Queens Park 2:2  1:0 Blackstone Rovers Queens Park
1922 Dinmore Wanderers Bundamba Rangers
1923 Latrobe Toombul United 2:1 Latrobe and Toombul United one each section
1924 Blackstone Rovers Dinmore Wanderers
1925 St Helens
1926 St Helens Brisbane City
1927 Brisbane City Dinmore Bush Rats 4:2 Brisbane City and Dinamore Bush Rats won each grade
1928 St Helens Toowong
1929 Rosebells Newtown United
1934 Merton Rovers Milton
1935 United Rangers Shafston Rovers Pineapple Rovers
1936 Corinthians
1942 No competition due to WW2 No competition due to WW2
1943 No competition due to WW2 No competition due to WW2
1948 Caledonians
1949 Easts United
1950 Caledonians
1951 YMCA Shafston Rovers Bulimba Rangers
1952 Hellenic Wattles Merton Rovers
1953 Oxley United White Stars Merton Rovers
1954 Corinthians Merton Rovers Toowong
1955 YMCA
1956 Annerley
1957 Hellenic
1958 Corinthians
1959 Azzurri
1960 Easts United
1961 Latrobe Merton Rovers Sandgate
1962 Germania Redbank Dinmore Dnipro
1963 Redbank Dinmore
1964 Hollandia-Inala
1965 Redbank Dinmore St Helens 2:1 St Helens Redbank Dinmore Polonia
1966 Hollandia-Inala Polonia 3:1 Hollandia-Inala Polonia Germania
1967 Azzurri Polonia Germania
1968 Germania Wynnum Mitchelton
1969 Bardon Latrobe Wynnum 5:2 Bardon Latrobe Wynnum Annerley
1970 Wynnum Mitchelton Wynnum Easts Mitchelton
1971 Mitchelton Oxley United 5:2 Oxley United Mitchelton Easts
1972 Wynnum Wynnum Mount Gravatt Mitchelton
1973 Annerley Southside Eagles Redcliffe
1974 Southside Eagles St Helens United 2:1
1975 Redlands United Mount Gravatt Oxley United
1976 Gold Coast United Annerley Wynnum Gold Coast United
1977 Grange Thistle Sunnyside United Grange Thistle Sunnyside United Coalstars
1978 Gold Coast United Wynnum Wynnum Gold Coast United Trident
1979 Olympic Darra United Valley
1980 Goodna and District Pine Rivers United Salisbury Goodna and District
1981 No Finals Series North Star Goodna and District Industrial United
1982 Bardon Latrobe Juniors Newmarket Bardon Latrobe Juniors Redcliffe
Division Two Became Division One  
Year Grand Final Losing Finalists Score Premiers Runners Up Third Placed
1983 Wynnum District Wynnum District Newmarket Coalstars
Division One became Intermediate League
1984 Brisbane Lions Brisbane Lions Valley Trident Redlands United
1985 Rochedale Rovers Wynnum District 3:1 Wynnum District Mitchelton Brisbane City
1986 Rochedale Rovers Acacia Ridge 0:0   1:0 Rochedale Rovers Acacia Ridge Valley Trident
Intermediate League became Division Two
1987 Wynnum Districts Brisbane Croatia Brisbane Croatia Wynnum Districts Acacia Ridge
1988 Acacia Ridge Nerang Pine Rivers United Acacia Ridge Nerang
1989 Acacia Ridge Ipswich United Brisbane Croatia
1990 Nerang Brisbane Croatia 3:1 Nerang Brisbane Croatia St Albans
1991 Grange Thistle Lutwyche United Olympic United
1992 Wynnum Acacia Ridge 5:3  aet Inala City Acacia Ridge Willowburn
1993 Willowburn Willowburn Wynnum Districts Brisbane City
1994 Brisbane City Brisbane City Grange Thistle Beenleigh
1995 St Helens United Nerang 2:1
1996 Mount Gravatt Brisbane Olympic 3:1 Brisbane Olympic Rocklea United St Albans
Division Two became Semi Pro Division One  
1997 Mitchelton Albany Creek 4:2 Mitchelton North Star North
1997 Mount Gravatt Inala City 2:1 Toowoomba United Mount Gravatt South
1998 Albany Creek Eastern Suburbs 3:0 Eastern Suburbs Albany Creek North
1998 Toowoomba United Capalaba 2:1 Toowoomba United Rocklea United South
1999 North Star Eastern Suburbs 1:0 North Star Albany Creek North
1999 Rocklea United Souths United 2:1 Rocklea United Souths United South
2000 No Finals Series University of Queensland Mitchelton North
2000 Eastern Suburbs Souths United South
2001 North Star Mitchelton 2:0 North Star The Gap
Semi Pro Division One became Brisbane Premier First Division
Year Grand Final Losing Finalists Score Premiers Runners Up Third Placed
2002 Pine Rivers United Souths United 3:2 Pine Rivers United Souths United Mitchelton
2003 University of Queensland Brisbane Olympic United 2:0 Eastern Suburbs Mitchelton University of Queensland
2004 University of Queensland Peninsula Power 4:3 University of Queensland Brisbane Olympic United Peninsula Power
2005 Mount Gravatt Peninsula Power 3:1 Mount Gravatt Beenleigh Peninsula Power
2006 University of Queensland Brisbane Olympic United 1:0 Ipswich Knights Peninsula Power Brisbane Olympic United
2007 Brisbane Force Beenleigh 2:0 North Pine Brisbane Olympic United Beenleigh
2008 Beenleigh Capalaba 3:2 Eastern Suburbs Capalaba Queensland Lions
2009 Beenleigh University of Queensland 2:1 Pine Hills Beenleigh Ipswich Knights
2010 University of Queensland North Pine 3:1 North Pine University of Queensland Western Spirit
2011 North Star Moggill 3:0 Queensland Lions North Star Ipswich Knights
2012 Pine Rivers United Logan Lightning 3:1 Albany Creek Pine Rivers United Mitchelton
Brisbane Premier First Division became Capital League One
2013 Mitchelton Mount Gravatt 3:2 Mitchelton Bayside United Mount Gravatt
2014 Taringa Rovers Bayside United 1:1  4:2 pens Mitchelton Taringa Rovers Bayside United
2015 Holland Park Hawks North Pine 3:0 Holland Park Hawks North Pine Pine Rivers United
2016 Grange Thistle Southside Eagles 0:0 aet  3:2 pens Souths United Grange Thistle North Star
2017 Taringa Rovers North Pine 3:2  aet Taringa Rovers North Pine Brisbane Knights
2018 Toowong Caboolture 0:0   4:2 pens Caboolture Toowong Annerley
2019 AC Carina St George 3:2 St George North Star AC Carina
2020 No Finals Series Samford Rangers Brisbane Athletic Mount Gravatt Hawks
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