New South Wales Champions
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Eastern Districts - Premier League
Year Grand Final Winners Losing Finalists Score Minor Premiers Runners Up
2000 Barnstoneworth United
2005 Barnstoneworth United Barnstoneworth United
2006 Dunbar Rovers Barnstoneworth United 7:0 Barnestoneworth United Dunbar Rovers
2007 Waverley Old Boys Dunbar Rovers Dunbar Rovers Waverley Old Boys
2008 Dunbar Rovers Dunbar Rovers
2009 Dunbar Rovers Waverley Old Boys 6:3 Dunbar Rovers Waverley Old Boys
2010 Phoenix FC Dunbar Rovers 2:0 Phoenix FC Maroubra United
2011 Dunbar Rovers Waverley Old Boys 4:2 Dunbar Rovers Waverley Old Boys
2012 Glebe Wanderers Coogee United 2:1 Coogee United Glebe Wanderers
2013 Dunbar Rovers Glebe Wanderers 2:0 Coogee United Glebe Wanderers
2014 Coogee United Waverley Old Boys 1:0 Dunbar Rovers Coogee United
2015 Coogee United Maroubra United 3:1 Coogee United Maroubra United
2016 Dunbar Rovers Glebe Wanderers 4:2 Dunbar Rovers Glebe Wanderers
2017 Coogee United Phoenix 2:0 Phoenix Coogee United
2018 Coogee United Glebe Wanderers 1:0 Coogee United Phoenix
2019 Coogee United Glebe Wanderers 4:3 Dunbar Rovers Coogee United
2020 Glebe Wanderers Coogee United 1:0 Glebe Wanderers Coogee United
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