About this Site

    This site was opened in May 2005 with two main objectives. One was to put together the many years of data from Australian State league football into one collection which can be used as a reference work by anyone and the second was to provide UK pools punters with accurate and up to date information on the games thereby helping them forecast results with more certainty.

        In the UK there is very little information available from newspapers apart from the excellent Racing and Football Outlook, published Tuesdays, to help the forecasting and the Australian pools has become a bit of a numbers lottery.  Another good site is Soccerlotto which has many stats and pools plans and tips. This is a paysite but the small annual subscription (around 40) is worth it for the serious punter.

    This site has, once again, in the year to the December 2016 received over one million visitors from a great many countries around the world.


    The site has three main components namely current season data, historical data and club data.


    Firstly the current season data that can easily be accessed via the home page using the link at the top of the page with a quick links menu below providing a shortcut to the current results and table for all the NPL's and major lower leagues. This data is updated as matches finish and is, unlike some websites, always accurate and up to date.

    More detailed data for each State can be found by clicking the States name in the years index. Here you can also find links to data for many lower leagues, womens and youth matches etc which are drawn from each federations own websites and updated by them.


    Secondly there is the club data sections which are slowly being expanded. Already here is the most comprehensive listings of champions, grand finals, cup winners etc from all States along with a link to each seasons results for that particular division or cup. Whilst the listings are mostly complete the links to years are still being added. As each historical season is added the links are updated.


    Which leaves the third and perhaps most important element and that is the past seasons results and tables sections for each State. This ever expanding section has been compiled with great care to ensure accuracy. It is a unique archive.



    Facebook and Twitter pages were added in 2012 and are extremely popular. Unlike some sites I do not "buy" likes to bolster the Facebook stats. Thes two feeds provide instant results with scorers and goal times at the final whistle of all NPL games and a vast number of second division leagues are also covered as well.

    Finally I welcome comments, good or bad, about the site and anyone who has noted an error or can help fill in missing details is most welcome to email me. Please note that any info you supply may not get on to here straight away.

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