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Victoria  Division One Champions
Year Champions Runners-Up Third Placed
1909 Carlton United St Kilda Melbourne United
1910 Carlton United St Kilda Prahran
1911 Williamstown Carlton United Burns
1912 Williamstown-Yarraville Burns Carlton United
1913 Yarraville Burns Thistle
1914 Melbourne Thistle Birmingham St Kilda
1915 Melbourne Thistle Albert Park Playoff 1:0
1916 No Competition
1917 No Competition
1918 No Competition
1919 Northumberland & Durham Utd Footscray Thistle Windsor
1920 Northumberland & Durham Utd St Kilda Playoff 1:1   2:0
1921 Windsor Northumberland & Durham Utd Footscray Thistle
1922 Northumberland & Durham Utd Preston Albert Park
1923 St. Kilda Footscray Thistle Playoff 2:2   0:0    2:1
1924 Footscray Thistle St. Kilda Newport
1925 Melbourne Thistle Footscray Thistle Naval Depot
1926 Footscray Thistle Preston St. Kilda
1927 Prahran City Footscray  South Melbourne
1928 Naval Depot Footscray Thistle Playoff 2:1
1929 Footscray Thistle Melbourne Thistle Naval Depot
1930 Footscray Thistle Royal Caledonians Melbourne Thistle
1931 Brunswick Royal Caledonians Footscray Thistle
1932 Footscray Thistle Royal Caledonians Brighton
1933 Royal Caledonians South Yarra Hakoah
1934 Hakoah  Royal Caledonians Preston
1935 Hakoah  Royal Caledonians Footscray Thistle
1936 Moreland Royal Caledonians Footscray Thistle
1937 Moreland Prahran South Melbourne
1938 Hakoah  Nobles South Yarra
1939 Prahran Nobles Moreland 
1940 Nobels South Melbourne United Prahran
1941 Moreland  Prahran South Melbourne United
1942 Prahran Moreland-Hakoah  Nobles
1943 Moreland-Hakoah  Prahran Brighton
1944 Prahran  Brighton Prahran B
1945 Prahran Brighton Moreland-Hakoah
1946 Moreland Prahran Brighton
1947 Sunshine United Moreland 6:2 Playoff between section winners
1948 Box Hill Sunshine United Brighton
1949 Brighton Park Rangers Box Hill
1950 Sunshine United Box Hill Sandringham City
1951 Yallourn Sunshine United Brighton
1952 Juventus Brighton JUST
1953 Juventus Hakoah  JUST
1954 Juventus Hakoah  Polonia
1955 Juventus Polonia Brighton
1956 Juventus Hakoah  Slavia
1957 JUST Moreland Slavia
Division One became the Victoria State League
Year Champions Runners-Up Third Placed
1958 Juventus Wilhelmina Moreland
1959 Wilhelmina George Cross Juventus
1960 Polonia George Cross Melbourne
1961 Polonia George Cross Wilhelmina
1962 South Melbourne Hellas Juventus Wilhelmina
1963 Footscray-J.U.S.T. Polonia George Cross
1964 South Melbourne Hellas George Cross Footscray-J.U.S.T.
1965 South Melbourne Hellas George Cross Juventus
1966 South Melbourne Hellas Port Melbourne Slavia Melbourne
1967 Melbourne Juventus Croatia
1968 Croatia Polonia South Melbourne Hellas
1969 Footscray-J.U.S.T. Juventus Ringwood City Wilhelmina
1970 Juventus Melbourne Footscray-J.U.S.T.
1971 Footscray-J.U.S.T. South Melbourne Hellas Croatia
1972 South Melbourne Hellas George Cross Melbourne
1973 Footscray-J.U.S.T. George Cross South Melbourne Hellas
1974 South Melbourne Hellas George Cross Footscray-J.U.S.T.
1975 Fitzroy United Alexander South Melbourne Hellas Mooroolbark United
1976 South Melbourne Hellas Footscray-J.U.S.T. Mooroolbark United
1977 George Cross Prahran Slavia Juventus
1978 Essendon Croatia Preston  Makedonia George Cross
1979 Essendon Croatia Frankston City Preston  Makedonia
1980 Preston  Makedonia Essendon Croatia Green Gully Ajax
1981 Green Gully Ajax Essendon Croatia Doveton
1982 Green Gully Ajax Melbourne Croatia Brunswick United Juventus
1983 Green Gully Melbourne Croatia Brunswick United Juventus
1984 Morwell Falcons Polonia Fawkner
1985 Croydon City Morwell Falcons Box Hill
1986 Croydon City Frankston Pines Box Hill
1987 Polonia Green Gully Fawkner
1988 Heidelberg United Alexander Croydon City Green Gully
1989 Morwell Falcons Brunswick United Juventus Croydon City
1990 Heidelberg United Alexander Brunswick United Juventus Croydon City
Victoria State League became the Victoria Premier League
Year Champions Grand Final Losers Score Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
1991 Brunswick United Juventus No Finals Series Brunswick United Juventus Bulleen  Morwell Falcons
1992 North Geelong  Brunswick United Juventus 4:1  aet North Geelong  Bulleen  Brunswick United Juventus
1993 Bulleen Fawkner  2:0 Bulleen Fawkner  North Geelong 
1994 Preston Lions            Port Melbourne Sharks 3:1 Preston Lions Bulleen Lions Port Melbourne Sharks
1995 Altona Magic             Bulleen Lions 3:2 Port Melbourne Sharks Altona Magic Sunshine Georgies
1996 Altona Magic             Heidelberg United  3:3  5:3 pens Altona Magic Heidelberg United  Sunshine Georgies
1997 Altona Magic             Bulleen Inter Kings 4:2 Altona Magic Bentleigh Greens Green Gully Cavaliers
1998 Bulleen Inter Kings      St. Albans Saints 3:2 St. Albans Saints Altona Magic Bulleen Inter Kings
1999 Green Gully Cavaliers No Finals Series Green Gully Cavaliers Port Melbourne Sharks Preston Lions
2000 Green Gully Cavaliers No Finals Series Green Gully Cavaliers Bentleigh Greens Altona East Phownix
2001 Heidelberg United Port Melbourne Sharks 2:2 4:3 pens Port Melbourne Sharks Heidelberg United  Bulleen Zebras
2002 Preston Lions            Fawkner Blues 2:1 aet Fawkner Blues Green Gully Cavaliers Bentleigh Greens
2003 Green Gully Cavaliers Frankston Pines 1:0 Preston Lions Green Gully Cavaliers Altona Magic
2004 Bulleen Zebras Altona Magic 0:0 3:1 pens Green Gully Cavaliers Oakleigh Cannons Bulleen Zebras
2005 Green Gully Cavaliers Heidelberg United  2:0 Green Gully Cavaliers Heidelberg United  South Melbourne
2006 South Melbourne Altona Magic 1:0 Oakleigh Cannons Altona Magic South Melbourne
2007 Preston Lions            Whittlesea Zebras 3:1 Preston Lions            Melbourne Knights Whittlesea Zebras
2008 Altona Magic Melbourne Knights 1:0 Green Gully Cavaliers Melbourne Knights Altona Magic
2009 Altona Magic Dandenong Thunder 1:1 5:4 pens Dandenong Thunder Altona Magic Green Gully Cavaliers
2010 Green Gully Cavaliers Richmond 3:0 Richmond Hume City Green Gully Cavaliers
2011 Green Gully Cavaliers Oakleigh Cannons 3:2  aet Green Gully Cavaliers Oakleigh Cannons Hume City
2012 Dandenong Thunder Oakleigh Cannons 2:1 Dandenong Thunder Oakleigh Cannons Green Gully Cavaliers
2013 Northcote City Bentleigh Greens 3:2  aet Northcote City Melbourne Knights Bentleigh Greens
Victoria Premier League became National Premier League
Year Champions Grand Final Losers Score Premiers Runners-Up Third Placed
2014 South Melbourne No Finals Series South Melbourne Oakleigh Cannons Heidelberg United 
2015 Bentleigh Greens South Melbourne 3:1   aet South Melbourne Bentleigh Greens Heidelberg United 
2016 South Melbourne Oakleigh Cannons 3:2 Bentleigh Greens Heidelberg United  South Melbourne
2017 Bentleigh Greens Heidelberg United  2:1   aet Heidelberg United  South Melbourne Avondale FC
2018 Heidelberg United  Avondale FC 2:1 Heidelberg United  Bentleigh Greens Avondale FC
Number of Championships by current name (previous names in brackets) Number of Premierships since 1991 by current name (previous names in brackets)
10 South Melbourne (South Melbourne Hellas) 6 Green Gully Cavaliers
9 Green Gully Cavaliers (Green Gully,Green Gully Ajax) 3 Preston Lions           
8 Brunswick United Juventus (Brunswick,Juventus) 2 Altona Magic
5 Altona Magic             2 Dandenong Thunder
5 Footscray Thistle 2 Heidelberg United
5 Footscray-J.U.S.T. (JUST) 2 Port Melbourne Sharks
5 Heidelberg United (Fitzroy Utd Alexander, Heidelberg Utd Alexander) 2 South Melbourne
4 Moreland City (Moreland ) 1 Bentleigh Greens
4 Moreland-Hakoah (Hakoah) 1 Brunswick Juventus
4 Prahran  1 Bulleen Lions
4 Preston Lions (Preston Makedonia) 1 Manningham United Blues (Fawkner Blues)
3 Melbourne Knights (Croatia, Essendon Croatia, Melbourne Croatia) 1 North Geelong Warriors (North Geelong Croatia)
3 Melbourne Thistle 1 Northcote City
3 Northumberland & Durham Utd 1 Oakleigh Cannons
3 Western Eagles (Polonia, Maribyrnong Polonia) 1 Richmond
2 Bentleigh Greens 1 St. Albans Saints
2 Carlton United
2 Croydon City
2 Morwell Falcons
2 Sunshine United
1 Box Hill
1 Brighton
1 Bulleen Inter Kings     
1 Bulleen Lions
1 Bulleen Zebras
1 Dandenong Thunder
1 Melbourne
1 Naval Depot
1 Nobels
1 North Geelong Warriors (North Geelong Croatia)
1 Northcote City
1 Prahran City
1 Ringwood City (Wilhelmina)
1 Royal Caledonians
1 St. Kilda
1 Sunshine George Cross (George Cross)
1 Williamstown
1 Williamstown-Yarraville
1 Windsor
1 Yallourn
1 Yarraville
Note several clubs merged and de-merged over the years. The lists show the championships as won by the original clubs
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