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Amateur League Premier (Division One)
Year Champions Runners-Up Score
1965 General Motors Holdens
1966 Munno Para Apac
1967 Elizabeth Thistle Munno Para Apac 4:3 pens
1968 Munno Para Apac Elizabeth Thistle
1969 Munno Para Apac Elizabeth Vale 
1970 Munno Para Apac Elizabeth Vale 
1971 Munno Para Apac North Adelaide Apollo
1972 West Beach North Adelaide Apollo
1973 Parafield Gardens  Hindmarsh 
1974 M.U. Findon Western United 
1975 Parafield Gardens  Tea Tree Gully 
1976 M.U. Findon Western United 
1977 M.U. Findon Madison Park
1978 = Salisbury Inter and Parafield Gardens
1979 Salisbury Inter  M.U. Findon
1980 M.U. Findon Salisbury Inter 
1981 Salisbury Inter  Salisbury East 
1982 Salisbury Inter  M.U. Findon
1983 Tea Tree Gully  West Beach 
1984 Salisbury Inter  Parafield Gardens 
1985 Salisbury Inter  Salisbury East 
1986 Tea Tree Gully  Salisbury Inter 
1987 Croydon Park  Salisbury Inter 
1988 Salisbury Inter  Adelaide Omonia 
1989 Salisbury Inter  Elizabeth Vale 
1990 Salisbury Inter  Tubemakers 
1991 The Cove  Elizabeth Vale 
1992 Para Hills East  Salisbury Inter 
1993 Para Hills East  = Elizabeth Vale & Parafield Gardens
1994 Para Hills East  Salisbury Inter 
1995 NAB Parafield Gardens 
1996 Elizabeth Vale  NAB 
1997 Elizabeth Vale  Elizabeth Downs 
1998 Elizabeth Vale  Plympton Bulldogs 
1999 Macedonia  NAB 
Saturday Division One (Premier) League
Champions Runners Up
2000 Adelaide University Adelaide Old Boys
2001 Adelaide Comets St Peters Old Collegians
2002 Adelaide Comets Bosa
2003 Adelaide Comets Adelaide University
2004 Stirling Districts Bosa
2005 Bosa Stirling Districts
2006 St Peters Old Collegians Stirling Districts
2007 Stirling Districts Adelaide Wanderers
2008 Adelaide Wanderers St Peters Old Collegians
2009 Adelaide Villa Bosa
2010 Adelaide Villa Bosa
2011 St Peters OC Adelaide Villa
2012 Adelaide Villa Sturt Marion
2013 Bosa Sturt Marion
2014 Adelaide University St Peters Old Collegians
2015 St Peters OC Bosa
2016 Bosa Adelaide University
2017 Sturt Marion Bosa
2018 Red Blue Eagles St Peters OC
2019 Bosa USC Lion
Sunday Premier A
Champions Runners Up
2000 Elizabeth Vale  Salisbury Inter 
2001 Salisbury Inter  Elizabeth Vale 
2002 Parafield Gardens  Salisbury Inter 
2003 Para Hills East  USC Lion
2004 Salisbury Inter  Elizabeth Downs 
2005 Adelaide Villa Para Hills West
2006 Elizabeth Downs  Parafield Gardens 
2007 Elizabeth Downs  Ingle Farm
2008 Elizabeth Vale  Para Hills West
2009 Salisbury Florina Elizabeth Downs 
2010 Parafield Gardens  Salisbury Florina
2011 Parafield Gardens  Ingle Farm
2012 Elizabeth Downs  Ingle Farm
2013 Parafield Gardens  Elizabeth Downs 
2014 Elizabeth Downs  Parafield Gardens 
2015 Ingle Farm Parafield Gardens 
2016 Brahma Lodge Elizabeth Downs 
2017 Elizabeth Downs  Parafield Gardens 
2018 Elizabeth Downs  Brahma Lodge
2019 Brahma Lodge Elizabeth Downs 
Champion of Champions (Winners Saturday Premier v Winners Sunday Premier)
Year Champions Losing Finalists Score
2004 Stirling District Salisbury Inter  2:2  ?:? Pens
2005 Adelaide Villa Bosa
2006 Elizabeth Downs St Peters Old Collegians 2:0
2007 Elizabeth Downs Stirling District 5:1
2008 Adelaide Wanderers Elizabeth Vale  6:2
2009 Adelaide Villa Salisbury Florina
2010 Parafield Gardens  Adelaide Villa 3:1
2011 Not played
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