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Capital League
Year Grand Final Winners Losing Finalists Score Premiers Runners Up Third
Division Two
1967 Monaro RAAF 1:0 Monaro Kosciusko RAAF
1973 No Finals Series Queanbeyan City ANU
1974 No Finals Series ANU Belconnen United
1977 Canberra United    ANU 3:1 Canberra United    ANU Queanbeyan City
1978 Queanbeyan Macedonia RMC 3:1 Queanbeyan Macedonia RMC Zagreb O'Connor
1979 Concordia Phillip Kambah United 2:1 Kambah United Concordia Phillip Goulburn workers
1980 Polonia White Eagles Canberra North 2:1 Polonia White Eagles JAT United Canberra North
1981 Canberra North Croatia Deakin 3:2 Croatia Deakin
1982 Cooma RMC
1983 RMC Narrabundah Cooma
1984 Not played Not played
1985 Not played Not played
1986 Not played Not played - Youth League for Division One
1987 ANU Weston Creek 1:0 Weston Creek Canberra City
1988 Queanbeyan Macedonia Canberra City Canberra United
1989 Downer Olympic ADFA 3:0 ADFA ANU Downer Olympic
1990 Queanbeyan Macedonia Condors 3:1 Downer Condors Queanbeyan Macedonia
1991 ADFA Condors 4:1 ADFA Queanbeyan Macedonia ANU
Division Two became State League One
1992 University of Canberra Latin America 1:1  ?:? pens Latin America
1993 Queanbeyan City
1994 White Eagles ANU University of Canberra
1995 Queanbeyan City Queanbeyan City ANU University of Canberra
1996 Cooma ANU 2:1 ANU Burns FC Cooma
1997 Burns FC Capital City Suns 2:1 Capital City Suns Cooma ANU
1999 O'Connor Knights O'Connor Knights
2000 ANU FC White Eagles 1:0
2001 Cooma Cooma
2002 UCU Pumas Canberra City 1:0 Cooma Canberra Olympic Canberra City
2003 White Eagles O'Connor Knights 2:1 O'Connor Knights Canberra City Canberra Deakin
2004 White Eagles ANU FC 2:0 White Eagles ANU FC Queanbeyan City
2005 ANU FC Queanbeyan City 4:1 ANU FC Queanbeyan City Narrabundah
2006 Queanbeyan City Tuggeranong United 1:0 Queanbeyan City Tuggeranong United Lanyon United
2007 White Eagles Cooma 3:1 Cooma Southern Tablelands White Eagles
2008 White Eagles Narrabundah 3:2 Southern Tablelands Cooma White Eagles
2009 White Eagles Cooma 1:0 White Eagles Southern Tablelands Cooma
2010 Queanbeyan City White Eagles 1:0 White Eagles Queanbeyan City Weston Creek
2011 White Eagles ANU FC 5:1 White Eagles O'Connor Knights Queanbeyan City
2012 White Eagles Queanbeyan City 2:1  aet White Eagles Queanbeyan City Narrabundah
State League One became Capital League
Year Grand Final Winners Losing Finalists Score Premiers Runners Up Third
2013 Narrabundah Queanbeyan City 0:0 aet  5:3 pens White Eagles (Group A) ANU FC O'Connor Knights
Narrabundah (Group B) Queanbeyan City Lanyon United
2014 Weston Molongo ANU FC 2:0 ANU FC White Eagles Weston Molongo
2015 ANU FC White Eagles 1:1  aet  4:3 pens Monaro Panthers ANU FC Tuggeranong United
2016 ANU FC Queanbeyan City 6:3 ANU FC White Eagles Queanbeyan City
2017 ANU FC O'Connor Knights 5:1 ANU FC O'Connor Knights Weston Molongo
2018 ANU FC White Eagles 6:1 Queanbeyan City White Eagles Weston Molongo
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